by Naghma

India offers a lot of places to be seen but nothing can match the pleasure of learning local cuisine in a cooking class. Our cooking session is designed in such a way to help you dive deep in the splendid world of Indian spices and cooking methods. You will learn how our different communities people are blended perfectly together through food.

In our 3 hour cooking session you will learn Indian food culture and discover the secret ingredients of perfect cuisine. Within a single session you will be able to learn 4 - 5 dishes which may include vegan dishes, Indian breads, non vegetarian dishes, variety of rice and many Indian snacks. You can even learn some cooking methods which are being passed from a generation to another and so on.

After the session enjoy the fruit of your labour, with your host having all those dishes which you helped cooking. Complete the whole cultural interaction with communal dining and unforgettable memories.

Session : Timing
Lunch Session: 12.30 hrs to 14.00 hrs
Dinner Session : 17.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs
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